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The Graduate Studies and Research (GS&R) Committee is the college level approval process for all graduate curriculum within the College of Arts and Humanities. Duties of the committee include:

  • Reviews curricular issues related to graduate education.
  • Reviews proposals for new graduate programs and deletion of existing programs.
  • Reviews proposals for changes to existing graduate programs (such as hours, thesis/nonthesis options).
  • Reviews proposals for new tracks or options to existing graduate programs and deletions of tracks or options.
  • Reviews proposals for new graduate certificate programs and the deletion of existing certificate programs.
  • Reviews all requests for additions, revisions, and deletions of graduate and special topics courses including material and supply and equipment fees.
  • Reviews Graduate Faculty Teaching Awards and Graduate Student Awards.

Below is a chart showing the progress of most items that come to the GS&R Committee:


The GS&R Committee consists of eight faculty members elected by the faculty and a chair appointed by the dean. Ballot nominees will be chosen by the faculty of each department. All committee members shall be involved in a graduate program and research activities. A department may decline to submit a nominee. The chair will vote only in case of a tie vote. Except for the chair, no more than 1 (one) member will serve from a single department. Members will serve 2 year staggered terms. Members may serve successive terms. Current committee members are:

CAH - Chair Lynn Hepner 2016-2018
English Terry Thaxton 2016-2018
History Scot French 2015-2017
Modern Languages Alla Kourova 2016-2018
Philosophy Don Jones 2015-2017
Performing Arts Aaron Thomas 2016-2018
Visual Arts & Design Keri Watson 2015-2017
Writing & Rhetoric Martha Brenckle 2015-2017


Most of the forms you will encounter are listed below. Other forms and helpful hints can be found at the Graduate Council website. If you need help with a particular form, please contact Trisha Farmer.


GS&R Minutes

Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the current year and previous ones are available on the Graduate Council site.

Course Log

In order to help track course additions/revisions/deletions, a course log will be accessible on this site. Please click on the excel spreadsheet below to see the progress of a particular course:


The GS&R Committee also reviews Graduate Student Awards for all CAH graduate students. The awards are:

  • Student - Outstanding Dissertation
  • Student - Outstanding Masters' Thesis
  • Student - Award for Excellence by a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA 9184)
  • Student - Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching (GTA 1983)

For more information about student eligibility and requirements, please open the attachment below:

For more information about student awards, please go to the College of Graduate Studies, Student Site.

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