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Office of Graduate Support

The College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Support Office is responsible for assisting departments, programs, and students with graduate education needs. While providing assistance to all CAH graduate program coordinators, faculty, staff, and students, we also serve as the liaison between the College of Graduate Studies, CAH Dean's office, and CAH graduate programs. Other responsibilities include providing academic advisement when needed, process graduate curricular items, organize and participate in recruitment events, process and maintain graduate student records, allocate and process graduate tuition waivers, conduct training and workshops for new personnel, oversee CAH graduate graduation requirements, supervise annual revisions/updates to the Graduate Catalog, attend annual graduate program orientations, and represent CAH at all pertinent meetings.

CAH Graduate Support strives for the highest academic standards and integrity while helping students, staff, and faculty in their pursuits of quality research and graduate education. The office encourages the academic and personal development of students and faculty by providing appropriate resources and fostering scholarly and creative activities. Additionally, CAH Graduate Support supports the establishment and development of new and competitive graduate programs by serving as an information clearinghouse for students, faculty, and staff.

This specific site contains College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Program Coordinator and staff information. It contains CAH specific forms, files, policy and procedure clarifications, and other resources designed to support a graduate program.

If you are a CAH Graduate student, please contact your program for more information. If you are a potential CAH graduate student, please go to the Graduate Catalog for more information on programs and who to contact.

Feel free to look around and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trisha Farmer, Assistant Director of Graduate Support.

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